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BAE00052 Indomtus Aldan Table Bundle Bandua Wargames Ready for Battle

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Product Code BAE00052
Product Code 2
EAN Code  
Product Name (Generic) Indomtus Aldan Table Bundle
Product Name (English)  
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Packaging Box
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Number of Miniatures 32
from available Miniatures
Edition n.a.
First Release Date <=2018
Last know Price €280
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Additional Info Manufacturer Info: This exclusive pack is the best way to assemble your own table quickly and easily, with some impressive finishes, and completely pre-painted! This pack contains: - 1 x Ruined Trade House (Pack of 2 Small Ruins) - 3 x Ruined Administratum - 2 x Ruined Fortress - 1 x Bell Of Souls Tower - 15 x Prepainted Antitank Traps (Exclusive to this product) The value of these products separately is € 345, and here you can get it for € 280!
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