About Collector-Info

Starting with model making with 10 years (mainly military aircraft scale 1:72), restarted 15 years later and then switched after another 10 year break more to table top gaming I am since about 5 years more a collector of Fantasy and Science Fiction miniatures (20-25mm scale) (budget limited) then player.

Sporadically playing "Rezolution" and "Lord of the Rings" I started to collect and categorize miniatures.

After having lost an overview I collected from different sources and catalogues a lot of information’s, focusing on a "product" view and gathered all informations in my local database

Even my wife calls this "mid life crisis", I have fun with it and will share my hobby and information (and maybe extend to a common project). Any comments, pictures corrections are welcome

Germany, April 2012, Arthur711

Last Update: 17.07.2014