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BAE00001 Q-Building BETA S Bandua Wargames Designed For Infinity

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Product Code BAE00001
Product Code 2
EAN Code  
Product Name (Generic) Q-Building BETA S
Product Name (English)  
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Packaging Bag
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Number of Miniatures 1
from available Miniatures
Edition n.a.
First Release Date <=2018
Last know Price €14
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Additional Info This pack contains Q-Building BETA S, fully prepainted with high quality textures and details, as seen on doors, posters, panels etc. This terrain is born with the desire to make the game easier and more fun to fans, giving them an option that until now was not available to many, designed with a high quality prepainted texture and resistance, at a very competitive price and without losing the strength of the scenery in MDF. In addition, we have increased its size compared to the original Q-Buildings, covering more terrain, and with thicker walls giving a greater sense of realism. All the textures of this prepainted have been carefully detailed so nothing is out of place, being able to use the buildings as a single tower, or 3 individual elements, without losing the coherence of colors or textures between any of them, which makes it One of the most versatile and useful terrain packs on the market.
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