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Designed For Infinity (Bandua Wargames)

BAI000086 Black Market Sector Bandua Wargames Designed For Infinity

Product Info
Product Information:

Attribut Information
Product Code BAI000086
Product Code 2
EAN Code  
Product Name (Generic) Black Market Sector
Product Name (English)  
Product Name (German)  
Know Packaging Types
Number of Miniatures 14
from available Miniatures
Edition n.a.
First Release Date n.a.
Last know Price €165
Manufacturer / Publisher
Product Line
Product Line (Categories)
Catalogue / Sources
Additional Info This ready-to-use bundle contains a Q-Building BETA (Q-Building XL, L and S), a Q-Building GAMMA (Q-Building XL, L and S), a Holographic Street Signs 1 and a Holographic Street Signs 2
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Last Update: 22.03.2020