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BAI000024 Mag-Lev Train Bandua Wargames Designed For Infinity

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Product Information:

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Product Code BAI000024
Product Code 2
EAN Code  
Product Name (Generic) Mag-Lev Train
Product Name (English)  
Product Name (German)  
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Number of Miniatures 1
from available Miniatures
Edition n.a.
First Release Date <=2018
Last know Price €105
Manufacturer / Publisher
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Catalogue / Sources
Additional Info Manufacturer Info: The Mag-Lev train has been designed specifically for 205 mission of Campaign Paradiso . With a total capacity of 12 containers, 2 cabins and 2 tractors wagons containing the engines and fuel, with their consoles, the Mag- Lev train will be the core of your table.
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