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BAE00045 Industry Of Murder Table Bundle 2 Bandua Wargames Ready for Battle

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Product Code BAE00045
Product Code 2
EAN Code  
Product Name (Generic) Industry Of Murder Table Bundle 2
Product Name (English)  
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Number of Miniatures 48
from available Miniatures
Edition n.a.
First Release Date <=2018
Last know Price €200
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Additional Info Manufacturer Info: This huge pack of pre-painted terrain will allow you to create a complete table for almost any market game with a futuristic look, allowing multiple configurations at different heights. This complete pack includes: 2 different hexagonal platforms, 1 new corridor, 2 new square platforms, 2 stairs, 5 lower vertical stairs, 2 tall vertical stairs, 2 interchangeable legs, 2 large industrial containers, 4 small industrial containers, 10 industrial fences, 12 wheels, 4 pallets and 2 coils. A perfect table bundle for games like Warhammer 40,000, Shadow War Armageddon or Infinity.
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